'PP Wong has blazed a trail for future British Chinese novelists. The Life of a Banana is bursting with original and exciting flavours.'  
Ben Chu, The Independent, UK
'Life Of A Banana is so refreshingly distinct. Read it, and you will soon find yourself wanting more.'
The Daily Mail, UK 
'Revealing in its exploration of cultural and generational conflicts and moving in its optimism.' 
The Guardian, UK
'Speaks volumes...an engaging read.' 
The Star, Malaysia
‘Impeccably observed, often hilarious, and deeply moving... pitch-perfect.’ David Henry Hwang, Tony Award-winning writer of M.Butterfly
‘Brought back happy memories of Sue Townsend’s Secret Diary of Adrian Mole.’ 
Lord Wei, House of Lords UK
'I know we are barely halfway through the year but I'm calling it: BEST book of 2014.' 
Love is a State of Mind
'Wong has created a real barnstormer of a novel that deserves to be on several of the 2014/15 awards lists. It’s definitely getting a place in my Top Ten.'  
If These Books Could Talk