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The Important Front Cover of my Novel!

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The front cover of a novel is extremely important!


The cover is like a shop window for your novel. When the wonderful designer Gudrun Jobst started designing the cover of The Life of a Banana, she provided many options:


- A knife slicing through the British flag

- A banana tree with a pigeon in its branches

- A little girl's mouth being silenced by a banana skin

- Hundreds of banana peels dancing on the page


These options got us very excited. There was, however, something about the striking font type and quirky design of teapots and lanterns that drew us to the first draft on the left. I was very clear in my mind that I did not want the cover to resemble the "usual" covers that many publishers create for Asian authors. Had I signed up with a different publisher, the front cover could easily have become the generic red cover with a sexy Chinese girl! I am so thankful that Legend Press understood completely and also wanted something fresh and new. Gudrun created the most amazing icons. No author can claim that they have  a hand-drawn Chinese feather duster, red and white pills and a bag of chips on their front cover.


The initial design for the cover started in March 2014 and evolved several times. I am ecstatic with the outcome. It is a cover that reflects the story and I am proud of the result. 

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